Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm off on a business trip tomorrow and anticipate finishing Captain Corelli's Mandolin while there. I'm afraid I see where the book is going, and if I'm right I won't like it. I'd love to be surprised.

I'm also taking with me Behind The Scenes At The Museum, the first novel by Kate Atkinson. I adore her Jackson Brodie novels. She manages to take several disparate stories and flawlessly tie them together at the end. I did have a problem with the first one I read as she presented brand new information at the end of the book, but I gave her another chance and she hasn't done it since. When is information a clue and when is it a red herring? That is the question.

P.S. You know how when you don't know how to pronounce something you sort of figure out a way to say it in your head? And then you "say" it that way each time? For the first couple of hundred pages whenever I read "Cephallonia"I vacillated between cell-a-phonia and cell-phone-onia.

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  1. I'd go with Cef-a-lonia. Glad to know this is an action word.