Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bleak House - The Movie

The 2005 adaptation by Andrew Davies is available instantly on Netflix! I'm in movie heaven. I adore Andrew Davies' work, particularly the 1995 Pride and Prejudice and the 2008 Sense and Sensiblity. I get lost when I watch those. You know, lost in a lovely sort of way.

This adaptation is eight 54 minute segments, so with the holidays it will take some time to get through them. I've seen the first episode and loved it. I like Esther so much better than when I read her! Perhaps it's because her kindnesses are condensed, and she doesn't seem like such a wuss in person. Lady Dedlock is so... vacant yet intense. She's perfect. Mr. Tulkinghorn is duplicitous and deliciously sinister, and Nemo is sufficiently haunted. (I didn’t know “Nemo” is Latin for no one! So Finding Nemo was about finding no one? I’m so disappointed. I mean, I know they probably took the name from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, but still.)

I got to see the Growlery! Oh, and Mr. Guppy is skeevier than I’d imagined.

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  1. I enjoyed this adaptation more than I did the book, I admit. :D