Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Forty-Five - Gone With The Wind - Part Three

Finished the book - I have many notes, but the bottom line is that Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton  Kennedy Butler was an idiot. She had someone who loved her for who she is -- two people, in fact: Melanie and Rhett. Rhett saw who she truly was and loved her--not just in spite of it--but because of it! Imagine the worst of you, the things you don't like acknowledging even to yourself--and having someone who knows all about them and loves you anyway! But she held onto the dream of her Knight in Shining Armor and found 0ut too late that she didn't even know him--and when she finally realized who he really was, she didn't like what she saw. She spent years as an adult holding onto a teenage dream. I suppose Rhett had jumped through too many hoops and his love was worn down like a stream pouring over rock--over time, it changes the nature of the rock.

Granted, Scarlett went through some bad stuff. Still though--DENIAL! Seriously, Scarlett. Okay, so you were the strong one; you had to take care of everyone else. Didn't you realize it wasn't because the others didn't want to be strong--it was because they couldn't be. They did not have within them the strength you did. Melly even said  something like this to you once, but you were so selfish that you didn't half pay attention to people. You were only interested in listening when there was something in it for you. Foolish.

I know I shouldn't be so hard on Scarlett. Her world was truly torn apart. Yet there will probably be further lectures coming. Hopefully, I can be kinder to her at that time.

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