Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Forty-Five - Gone With The Wind - Part Two

This will not be a spoiler-free zone for GWTW. The book (and the film) have been out long enough that there probably isn't much to be spoiled by. This is a marvelous book and I love Mitchell's descriptions. She loved up some metaphors, that's for sure! Here's a quick post describing the second time the Yankees arrived at Tara.

Sally Fontaine @mimosasally
Scarlett!!! The Yankees Are Coming!!! #bastards

Katie Scarlett @southerndiva
Quick! Hide the animals and the food! Prissy, go under the house and get the pigs! #yankeebastards

Melanie Wilkes @melly
I'll do lots of tweeting so we can get #yankeebastards trending, shall I, Scarlett dear?

Katie Scarlett @southerndiva
Melly you mindless twit, hide the horse and the cow! #seriouslywhydidashleymarryher

Katie Scarlett @southerndiva
All of you LISTEN! Hide the animals in the SWAMP, you fools! Yankees don't like swamps 'cause of the snakes. #scaredycatbastards

Katie Scarlett @southerndiva
@mammy, put the silver in the well again! #greedybastards

Katie Scarlett @southerndiva
I shall not abandon my house to be burned by those Damned Yankees! They'll have to burn it with me standing right here. #stubborndiva