Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Forty-Three - Lord Of The Flies - Part Two

William Golding
From New York Times

Though I'd never read this book before, I knew the basics. I've heard lots of references to it in popular culture, sort of like American Idol in that most people have heard of it even if they've never watched it. I suppose Game of Thrones is in the same category but with more zealous fans (perhaps that's just the people I know!). That said, I'll stick with the no-spoiler rule and talk in generalities only.

First, OMG! Even though I knew the basic plot it was so far beyond what I thought I was going to encounter. I have questions: would the majority of human beings behave in the same manner? Does age matter? Gender? Country of origin? Would anything have made a difference? I mean, the only example I can think of with any similarities is Gilligan's Island, and they sure didn't act like that.

Also, is it a desert island or a deserted island? The only sand was on the beach and trees and foliage were numerous, so it seems it should have been deserted. But deserted implies that someone was previously there and purposely left. The only thing I'm sure about is that it's entirely possible I'm overthinking this.

One last thought: the last couple of pages contain gorgeous prose. Sheer brilliance.

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