Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Carol, The Movie, or Mr Dickens Meets Gonzo

Mr Dickens: Mr Gonzo, I must object…

Gonzo: Sorry to interrupt, but it’s just Gonzo, you can drop the Mister, Mister.

Mr Dickens: As you like. Gonzo, I must object…

Gonzo: How did you like my portrayal of you? I thought it was a clever device to fill in the gaps in the action with narration. Great book, by the way.

Mr Dickens: Thank you, that is very kind. However…

Gonzo: I think the addition of Rizzo was brill, don’t you? You wouldn’t believe how many people emailed me saying it’s the first time they ever laughed at a rat!

Mr Dickens: Actually, that’s one of the things I wish to address. In the time period in which the novel is set, rats were…

Gonzo: I’m not sayin’ rats are ever welcome visitors, just that Rizzo was pretty funny, all things considered.

Mr. Dickens: I bid you good day, sir.
*puts on hat and storms off*

Gonzo: I got the last word with Mr Charles Dickens? Boy, I am good! Now, where’s that chicken? Come here, my little Dickens Chicken!

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