Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Thirty-Three - Great Expectations - Part One

Me: Oh Mr Dickens, it is so lovely to read you again.

Dickens: Thank you, madam. I take it we have previously met?

Me: Yes, sir, several times. And listening to you tell a new story is like sitting down with an old friend - we haven't seen each other in a while yet it is like no time has passed.

Dickens: I am glad to hear it. Pray, madam, remind me when first we met.

Me: Um, let's not really count the first time, okay? It was A Tale of Two Cities and, well, um, I wasn't exactly interested in getting to know you better after that one.

Dickens: I see.

Me: Actually, that was the second of your works I read. The first was A Christmas Carol, but since nearly everyone in the free world has read it or seen one of the many adaptations or at the very least heard of it, I don't count that one.

Dickens: I never count that one, either.


  1. I love this post (and Great Expectations). And oddly, I don't count Christmas Carol either, why is that?

  2. Too funny! A Christmas Carol is so different than his others (probably because it's actually short) that I don't count it either. I hope you enjoy Great Expectations. I really loved it. Miss Havisham is one of the best characters ever!

  3. Hehe, cute! I've never read Great Expectations. Someday!