Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Twenty-Eight - I Capture The Castle

Oh goodness, it's probably going to take a day or two for me to capture everything I want to say about this book. I've just this moment finished it so my feelings are still quite raw - all I keep thinking is - WHY? As I reached the last few pages of the book I kept looking down at the page numbers, scared that there wasn't enough time for the book to end the way I wanted it to. In time I suppose I shall see that it ended the way it must.

I didn't take notes as I read this one; I just dog-eared pages (or should that be calf-eared?). But I'm certain I shall remember the significant points on those pages as I go back to them. Right now I need to decompress. Just one thing - Stephen is Westley the Farm Boy!


  1. Wow, you read that one quick. It took both of us a few days to get over our anger, but once we came to terms with the fate of Simon and Stephen and Cassandra, we were okay with the plot being REAL. At no point did the narrative feel forced and we absolutely loved the characters. Hope you emerge from your decompression time with a positive experience of the novel....

  2. Make no mistake - I loved it! I couldn't put it down.

  3. I had to kind of decompress after I'd finished this one, too. And yes...Stephen DOES equal Westley!! I didn't think of that!