Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Twenty-Three - Guards! Guards! - Part Two

I understand how people get hooked on the Discworld series. The Colour Of Magic is #1 in the series and it includes a pub called The Broken Drum. Guards! Guards! is #8 and the pub is called the Mended Drum. Discworld is part of a multiverse, not a universe. The school for wizards is the UU, Unseen University. It’s a descriptive title only; the school is quite visible.
The hero of this book, Carrot, is like Buddy the Elf. I should say that Buddy the Elf is like Carrot since Guards! Guards! was published in 1989. I’ve heard that it is impossible to take a picture that hasn’t already been taken; it is possible only to find an interesting composition. There are only so many notes, but the arrangements are different. And I suppose there are only so many characters,  but the story surrounding them can be composed in a new way.  Carrot is very literal…. instead of “Bob’s your uncle,” Carrot says, “Bjorn Stronginthearm’s your uncle.” There are numerous instances like this which made me literally laugh out loud, and the story is action-packed, too. Pratchett left some cliffhangers in this one so I suppose one day I’ll need to read #9 and #10!

Quotage ---
 If you let your mind dwell on rooms like this, you could end up being oddly sad and full of a strange, diffuse compassion which would lead you to believe that it might be a good idea to wipe out the whole human race and start again with amoebas.
Quite poignant, I think.

… is a metaphor, which I am learning about, it is like Lying but more decorative.
One of Carrot’s lessons about being literal.

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