Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Twenty - The Count Of Monte Cristo - Part Two

If Twitter tech existed in the early 19th century -

CountMCristo EdmondDantes

Nothing better than sea air!

@Mercedes See you soon, my love.

@M.Morrel Will meet you at the dock in half an hour, Monsieur. Got good news and bad news.

@M.Morrel @CountMCristo The cargo is fine, successful journey. The captain is not so fine.

Am engaged to @Mercedes and will be the new captain of the Pharaon!

@Mercedes and I are at our Marriage-Feast. Will be married in less than two hours! #bliss

WTF? Hope to be out of this mess soon thanks to the kindness of @deVillefort.

@Mercedes @Father Call my attorney! They can’t do this to me! This is a free country -- #ohcrapimsoscrewed

If it weren’t for @Faria I would have gone mad.



    Fantastic! Just makes me want to read COMC even more!

  2. Thanks! I'm really enjoying the book and wasn't sure that I would. The story is fast-paced and I want to discover what happens next!