Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Eighteen - War And Peace - Part One

Since I’ve read Tolstoy previously, I recognize a few things about his writing. I know that there will be many characters and it will take some time to determine which characters are integral to the plot. And one thing about old Leo is that he can sum up a character in just a biting sentence or two. Here are a few examples thus far –
“First of all, dear friend, tell me how you are. Set your friend's mind at rest," said he without altering his tone, beneath the politeness and affected sympathy of which indifference and even irony could be discerned.
The princess smiled as people do who think they know more about the subject under discussion than those they are talking with.
Her pretty little upper lip, on which a delicate dark down was just perceptible, was too short for her teeth, but it lifted all the more sweetly, and was especially charming when she occasionally drew it down to meet the lower lip.
That last is particularly harsh, Leo. She probably just didn't have time to wax her mustache before the party.


  1. LOL - that's funny. I had the same reaction about the moustache description. :P

  2. I noticed that too. So funny that he thought that was worth pointing out.

  3. I wonder if Tolstoy meant to be funny, or if "down on the upper lip" was common among women during his time. LOL.

  4. lol - I thought the same thing! :D Glad I found your blog! I'm doing the readalong too...