Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book Sixteen - Holes

Louis Sachar
Holes is a cute little book that I wish I’d read all at one sitting. Since I read it in bits and pieces, I missed some of the interweaving of the characters and it took a moment for the “Aha!” to set in. The main character’s name is Stanley Yelnats, and I always like anyone whose surname is his first name spelled backward. Well, Stanley may be the only example I can recall, but the rule still applies.

This novel is probably classified YA. The story is actually the story of Stanley’s family, his extended family and the various characters that they’ve interacted with at crucial moments in their lives. It’s also the history of the place called Green Lake, which in the present is not at a lake at all. There are the usual YA villains, easy to tell from the good guys, but the teenagers are more lifelike with some good and some bad qualities. The story is sweet.

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