Monday, November 8, 2010

Book Thirteen - Vicky Angel

Jacqueline Wilson
Strange book, weird book, book I might have enjoyed if I first read it when I was thirteen or fourteen and recently lost someone I loved.

Not wanting to get into anything requiring much thought in November, I picked up this book. The print is big and glancing at the cover I thought it would be about someone called Vicky Angel and her BFF. Nice, sweet Young Adult book.

I didn't look closely at the cover until after the first chapter. By looking at it you can probably guess a few things about the book. It's one part "Ghost Town," one part the girl who doesn't fit in and one part this chick is whack. (I know that word is so fifteen years ago but I don't know what the new word might be.) Besides, who does feel like they fit in at fourteen?

It was, however, a quick book to read. Next up is Cold Comfort Farm which also has large print and I think might be the book that movie was based upon. You know the one with Renee Zellweiger doing a southern accent? And Jude Law and what's her name... Phoebe something, maybe. No, it's oh - what's her name, the Australian one that was married to Tom Cruise? Anyway, I never saw the movie.

Sorry, I'm saving all my best words for my NaNo novel right now. It's going well, thank you for asking, due in large part to my friend Georgie. She helped me finally understand one of my main characters. Thanks, G!

I'll think of that woman's name eventually. I could Google it but my brain  is tired. (This is when I should probably save a post and edit it later, but it's November. All bets are off in November.)

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