Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book Ten - Bleak House - Part Three

I haven’t finished Bleak House yet. It's not terribly bleak, but I lack the impetus to read it when I get a chance. At the same time, whenever I finish a few chapters I’m pleased with what I’ve read.

Charles Dickens: I believe you are experiencing ambivalence. A good Victorian woman is never ambivalent.

Me: Mr. Dickens, sir, I doubt that every person of one gender who lived in a certain place during a certain era shared anything other than gender.

Charles Dickens: Ah, but you did not listen carefully. I said ‘A good Victorian woman.’

Me: I caught that, actually, but chose not to respond as it’s what people in my era consider subjective. Good to you may not be good to me, Mr. D. In any case, I have no desire to fit in with the mores of your Victorian world. I will admit that the women wore some really pretty dresses and stuff, and I have oft yearned to carry a parasol. But the big picture is that I rather like making my own decisions.

Charles Dickens: You must abide by your conscience, of course.

Me: Dude, I know. And I am enjoying the book... I just don't have an overwhelming desire to dive into it every chance I get. But I will finish it.

Charlie D: I have read your list, Miss Tryton, and I believe we shall meet again.

Me: Don't I know it. Er, indeed, sir. I shall also read David Copperfield and Great Expectations.

Charliekins: Until we meet again, Miss.

Me: Before you go, could you tip your hat to me again? That's one thing your era had over mine... these days there are few hats other than baseball caps (it's sort of like cricket, don't ask) and those are rarely tipped.

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  1. Little did I know that you'd "oft yearned to carry a parasol" madam.