Friday, October 1, 2010

Book Ten - Bleak House - Part One

I certainly didn't expect to laugh while reading this book! I never knew the Dickensian origin of lawyer jokes. (I find it infrequent that one can legitimately use "Dickensian" in casual conversation.)

A few quick character descriptions --

Sir Leicester Dedlock is only a baronet, but there is no mightier baronet than he. His family is as old as the hills, and infinitely more respectable.
How Alexander wept when he had no more worlds to conquer, everybody knows—or has some reason to know by this time, the matter having been rather frequently mentioned.
He is of what is called the old school—a phrase generally meaning any school that seems never to have been young—

Bleak House is funny!

I knew nothing about the Court of Chancery, so here's a picture--

Court of Chancery
Absolute Astronomy


  1. I love Charles Dickens' kind of humour! I think he very funny!

  2. I'm enjoying this one so far, but I certainly don't remember "A Tale of Two Cities" making me laugh.