Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Waiting

I order my used books from Better World Books, an online bookstore which takes donations of books from individuals, libraries, and organizations and sells them. This way the books don't wind up in a landfill and a percentage of their profit goes to various worldwide literacy organizations. In the U.S. used books are currently $3.98 each including shipping, so it's win-win-win!

While waiting for my new books I am reading A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson, one of the loaners on my unread shelf. (I discovered that I hadn't thoroughly examined the shelf's contents. That ought to teach me something but I doubt the lesson will take.) I am thoroughly enjoying this book. Bryson's style is fluid and easy to read, and his descriptions are lovely. He clearly conducted a great deal of research into the Appalachian Trail's history, wildlife, hikers, and flora and fauna. His slightly self-deprecating humor is natural and honest as he describes his struggles with hiking and camping. While I am not a fan of camping unless an RV is involved, I do understand the serenity of a forest and the awe of a mountain view. I suspect as the book continues he will find a larger piece of that internal peace that seems to come only from spending most of each day in silence and nature. I rather envy him. I have spent weekends that way, but never months at a time.

But seriously, dude, I am so not walking over 2000 miles in one go.

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